About Us



Green Beverages is committed to bringing you a FUN, CRUNCHY, non-carbonated and ready-to-drink beverage in the form of “Aloe Drink for life” which is 100% natural with no added colors or preservatives.

And with our drinks being 100% natural we also have a goal to preserve the earth by making sure that our drink are made without hurting the environment with our pollution free production line and have a direct contact to the local Aloe Vera farmers. And we not only put care into our drinks and the earth

And we not only put care into our drinks and the earth, we also make sure that our employees and workers are operating in the best condition possible including a training session about our work and safety in workplace, a clean and pollution-free production line,insured and protected work

We also employed many employees that were rejected from the world of labor because of their age. And with such high standard and quality our drink, “Aloe Drink for life” is sold in over 20 different countries.