Green Beverages is the manufacturer of Aloe Drink for life, and is 100% committed to the brand. We are dedicated to quality and to international standard. This being said we can proudly say Aloe Drink For Life is an “handcrafted” product. Every step is rigorously though to deliver a unique recipe to make our drink special.  Almost none of our process is automatic and every bottle is taking care individually by our team.

We deeply emphasis the work of our cooperative and we closely collaborate with local farmer in order to select the best Aloe Vera. Responsible agriculture and sustainable production is our mission.       We developed an organic range and we therefore fixed an objective for most of our farmers to comply with organic certification.



We hope you can feel every step of this process and every care we put in our drink and enjoy our Aloe vera drink. Try Aloe Drink For Life, it’s nothing like you have tried before….




Aloe Drink For Life – FEEL THE  CRUNCH and enjoy life!